Friday, June 4, 2010

Girls' Weekend!

Sean asked me yesterday if he could go to Arkansas for the weekend. I'm a bit fuzzy on exactly what was going on down there (a Memorial/political thing? Hey, I was working at the time he was telling me!), but he left shortly after midnight this morning. He will return Sunday afternoon/early evening.

So that means Alice and I get a girls' weekend! Tomorrow we are going up north to his cousin's graduation cookout. I have to bring strawberry lemonade, pasta salad, and asparagus to grill. I'm even happier to announce that Sean went to the store and got all of the stuff I would need to make all of the said items. Though, to be honest, I did ask him and tell him what I needed. But since I have to make it all tonight after Alice is asleep (i.e. after 1am) and then I have to be up by 7 to get up there in time for lunch. We should return home around 6ish tomorrow evening, so I'm trying to get something planned for that evening. Most likely we will end up staying at home and watching movies and playing games. Which is probably the most fun we could have.

I'm really excited to see all of his family. We haven't seen most of them since Christmas; and his step-sister hasn't seen Alice yet! And Alice's cousin Olivia (who is 6 months older) and Lily will be there. I'm really excited to see Olivia and Alice interact. Who knows what that will be like?! But I'll make sure to take pictures, and maybe get a video or two.

And hopefully I can update tomorrow, since I won't have a husband stealing my internet at home! Although I will still have an adhesive baby :)


HereWeGoAJen said...

That sounds like a pretty good menu for the party. I'd eat it!

Danifred said...

Sounds like you have a big, busy day ahead of you tomorrow. And, I want to spike that lemonade in the worst way!

Anonymous said...

We should have a Gilmore Girls phone date sometime this weekend! Jessica's gone until some time Monday afternoon or evening. :o)