Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wanna Know a Secret?

Seriously, this is a secret. Shh! Don't tell anyone. Unless I don't know them, and you can tell them if you want. I have told Alice, my sister, and my co-worker. I have not yet told my husband. Shame on me! But this is news that is not deserving of over the phone conversation.

If you haven't guessed already, I'm pregnant! This comes as a complete shock, as we weren't trying; weren't preventing (obviously). I should note that the irony of this is that I was planning on going on birth control after I started my period this weekend, and then waiting until Alice turned 1 or 1 1/2 to try to convince Sean that we should try for another. I guess God had other things in mind!

I am still in shock. And it is still very, very early. I'm only 8 or 10dpo today. So we won't be telling the "public" until after the first trimester... or sooner if I'm showing.

I'm anxious about telling Sean. I hope he doesn't strangle me. But like he and I always say, "It is what it is"... and "It must be God's plan".

So looks like I'll really be a SAHM!


Anonymous said...

WOOOOOOOOO! AUNT TIMES 3! Elatedness abounds! Love you. :o)

HereWeGoAJen said...

Yippee! This is fantastic news!

Danifred said...

Horray for you! Congratulations!

Megan said...

Yeah!!! Congrats!!