Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

I was going to write a regular post, but I remembered it is Friday. Don't you love short weeks? So we will be joining Danifred again for Friday Night Leftovers.

*I have no idea how to do a bullet point on my blog. Can anyone help me out?

* I went for a beta and progesterone check yesterday. They called with the results today...I think I am 11 dpo today (so this was 10 dpo). My hcg was 60 point something, and my progesterone was 12.1. They are putting me on prometrium, since they like to see at least 15-20. I'm not too surprised, as I had to do this with Alice. Though they gave me the suppositories then. What a mess!

* If I had to guess my due date, I would say March 20th. I won't know until I get an u/s at 9 weeks. Though I will be like 7-8 really. I guess that is the nice thing about ovulating later than the "normal" day 14.

* I told Sean. He didn't strangle me. In fact, he was (to my surprise) excited. He thinks I'm going to have twin boys. I can pretty much say that I am not having twins. My progesterone is too low.

* Also, my supply is decreasing dramatically. I was hoping to nurse Alice until she self-weaned, but that may be a lot sooner than I was planning. Any ideas on how to increase my supply? Or at least not have it decrease anymore? This is what bothers me the most. I feel very guilty about it. It upsets me a lot. I don't want to have to supplement.

*Oh, and I checked the Chinese gender charts (it was right with Alice). It says boy.

* I found my camera. Want to know where it was? Under the passenger seat in the car! I have NO idea how it got there.

* I will be an aunt very soon. In fact, I may be one right now and just not know it yet. They were admitted this morning, and she was 4 cm dilated about noon when I talked to my brother; they were waiting on her epidural (which I told her she would end up getting even though she "wanted to TRY to have a natural birth" - try being the key word). I guess they went last night, but got sent home because she was only 1cm.

* I went and got Panera Bread for lunch today. There were no band-aids in with my food. YAY!

* I discovered we have a cherry tree. I'm not sure what kind of cherries they are, but they are a tart/sweet combo. Not really tart, but not really sweet like maraschino. I need some ideas of what to do with these. You know, before the birds eat all of them. I'm thinking preserves and maybe a pie or cobbler (you can add enough sugar to make them a bit sweeter).

* We were going to get a puppy after I got my severance, but that is on hold for another year or two. Which I still need to do a post about and ask your opinions on.

*And I still need to do Alice's 10 month post. Argh! I'm a bad mommy!

Well, I hope I have bored you all sufficiently ;)

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Happy Aunt Day!

Bullets are on the top of the page, in that row of stuff you can do to posts. They are between the numbers and the quotation mark. You just click that button and they come up.

The Chinese gender chart claims that Elizabeth is a boy.

Danifred said...

The Chinese gender chart was right with Tot, wrong with Bean. Not bad odds, I suppose.

Oh, how I love Panera, without band-aids, of course!