Thursday, May 5, 2011


I'm struggling. I have so much stuff that I need to do, and not enough time to do get it done. I feel like I'm caught in an undertow, and fighting for air!

It doesn't help matters that Alice is teething and cranky. Add in a horrible diaper rash, and yeast infection that requires constant changing and slathering on creams. Then I've got a little fuss bucket, whom does not like garlic, and a mommy who forgets those things. I have been up the past two days with a screaming, gassy baby. Poor little guy!

I probably wouldn't feel this overwhelmed if I had some sleep. I swear I get one asleep and the next one is getting up!

I hate Sean's new schedule. He has been leaving around midnight and getting home somewhere between 2-3. He almost immediately goes to sleep, gets up for dinner, and then goes back to sleep until he gets called in (usually around 10-10:30pm). This sucks! Unfortunately, I think this is how life will be for awhile.

And for those wondering, he does help out some. I just worry about him driving and falling asleep, so I try to enable him to get as much sleep as possible (try keeping a Daddy's girl quiet and away-she went in and threw a few of her toys at him today because he wasn't awake to play with her, and I was nursing). I think it is fair to say she is struggling with this new schedule too. Heck, Sean is also!

I have not had time to read (or comment) on many of your blogs. Please don't take it personally. I enjoy keeping up with everyone. I may only get to you every few days, but I'm reading (and lately doing one mass comment for all your posts-tacky, right?). I'm just doing what I can, when I can. So bear with me. I'm struggling with our new schedule here, and it has thrown me the biggest curve ball. This pitcher is good, but I'm determined not to strike out!


Megan said...

Sarah- I hear you. I am totally struggling also. Weston is teething (sounds familiar) and has an ear infection. Brody is demanding when he wants to eat and I can't get the two of them to sleep at the same time. Add to that, my MIL is coming today and the house is a wreck...oh well- she is the one insisting on coming to play with my child who is sick. I have to find time to do my job too- which is hard b/c it is from home and there are all these other needy people around. It won't last forever, right? Hang in there...I'll try to also.

Lisa said...

I am so sorry you are struggling. It definitely gets better when the little one gets a little older. Hugs to you.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Matt had a similar schedule for a while, where he did nothing but work and sleep, and it was awful. Hang in there.

April said...

Sean's schedule TOTALLY sucks. :-( I do feel for you. And just think, it will only get better, not worse, from here. The babies are getting to more of a fun age and will HOPEFULLY start to sleep more. HUGS!

Bobi said...

I am sorry Sarah. Take a deep breath. I hope Gee's schedule improves before BFM comes along or we will be in a similar boat. He worked 9p-7a and for some reason night workers need more sleep to stay awake at work. Hopefully things improve soon, or someone steps in to give you a helping hand.

daisybv2 said...

Hang in there girlie it always gets better :) Hugs