Thursday, May 19, 2011

Catching Up

I've been absent for awhile. Maybe you noticed. It was bound to happen. I could feel it coming on. I just was so "burnt" out that I didn't even have the decency to let all of you lovely Internets know.

It started gradual. Posting every few days instead of daily. Then not posting, but still reading and commenting on your blogs. And then...well I took a hiatus.

I was feeling so overwhelmed and weighed down. I had a to-do list miles long and nothing was getting crossed off. I had hit the peak of the hormone drop (I did the same thing around this time with Alice too). I was just burnt out. I enjoy blogging and keeping up with each one of you. It just got to the point that it felt like more of a "chore" than something I enjoyed. My comments were hardly thoughtful, and were completely generic. I don't like being like that. I like being "me" and writing the things I would say. So I just took a complete break.

I played a lot with the kiddos. I got some things on my to-do list crossed off. I enjoyed the little bit of "me" time that I sometimes can squeeze in, and did whatever I felt like doing. I got some flowers, herbs, and veggies planted. I have mastered the perfect (to me) cranberry almond chicken salad.

So enough about that. Updates. Alice has had a horrible diaper rash/yeast infection for months. Every time she had a dirty diaper it would come back. I'd slather diaper cream and Lotrimin on her and it would clear up. Only to return with the next dirty diaper. So I took her back to the pediatrician (again) and demanded help. I was thinking it was strep. The doctor thought otherwise. So we started using a few different creams. I'm happy (albeit a bit annoyed I was wrong) that her rash/bumps are pretty much cleared up.

HJ is just the sweetest. He smiles and talks to me all of the time. And the giggles? My goodness. My heart explodes EVERY. TIME.

The chicks? Not so chick looking. We Sean put them outside the other day. I can't tell which one Fluffy is anymore. See for yourself how much they have grown in the past two weeks.

Two or three weeks old.

Three or four weeks old!

Four or five weeks old!

It may be hard to tell how much bigger they are because of the angle and zoom differences. Trust me. They are mini chickens now! And yes, I know they were before, but they weren't "chicken" looking.

One of my mom's pugs had puppies almost two weeks ago. Sean wants to get one. I'm struggling with this. I'm torn. I do want a puppy/dog. I just don't know if I want a pug. And if I want one soon. I already have a lot going on around here. I already deal with enough poop and mouths to feed (Alice, HJ, the cat, three rabbits, the chickens, and the chicks). Logically, it doesn't make sense. However, it does when I look at the big picture. I'm at home, so I'd be here to house train. I could house train before I potty train Alice. HJ isn't mobile (yet), so that makes the transition a bit easier. If we wait, then we'd be waiting at least a year or two. And who knows what life will be like then?!

Then the whole pug debate. I want another Staffy. That costs money, and quite a bit. The pug would be free (initially). Are pugs good with kids? That is my biggest priority, of course, followed by the hair. From what I've read, pugs shed heavily. I'm not too keen on that. So if you have any experience or knowledge on pugs, let me have it!

So I'm back! I'm not going to promise daily posts. I'm going to ease back into my groove. I do promise that if I ever need a break, that I will let all you lovely people know.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. :) I'm glad you are feeling more caught up.

Bobi said...

Welcome Back!

I took a bit of a break myself. I felt like I was forcing myself to write. I didn't like it, so I totally understand.

I have always wanted a pug. But with living in town and expecting, it isn't a good time for us either. But I do want to see pictures!

Shedding is awful. M sheds every spring and fall. It lasts about 2 weeks, but it is bad. If I even touch her right now I am covered in fluff. A sheds all years. We bought brwn furniture to match M, then went and got a white dog. Smart people we are.

I believe that any dog raised with children and showed proper love and affection along with proper correction will be good with kids. A was NEVER around children. So I worry.

Wow, I might as well of wrote a blog post titled "Dear Sarah,".

Try to keep in touch but don't stress if you need a break. I struggle to post half as much as you and I only have one child and it lives inside of me still.

April said...

I'm sorry you've been having such a crappy time...but hopefully the family time, with no distractions, made it better! And the "hormone drop"...I wonder if that is my problem lately? It hits me completely at random where I'm feeling down and just want to bawl my eyes out...but not sure why? ;-/

I'm SO happy that the creams the dr. prescribed helped Alice's rash! Cuz that sounded so painful, poor kid!

And I totally can see how big those chicks have gotten, wow. They DO look like mini chickens now...I didn't realize how quiCKLY they grew.

Megan said...

Glad A's bottom is better! Regardless of the problem- an ouchie bottom is no good.

Lisa said...

Totally understandable honey, and I am sorry things have been rough. Here's hoping for better times ahead and so glad Alice is better!!

Carrie27 said...

Blogging and commenting should be fun, and when it isn't a break is needed.

I can definitely see a difference in the chicks - wow! I had no idea how fast they grew.

Dog - if you think it is too much, wait it out, especially if you aren't really in love with the type of dog. You can get many dogs free that you may enjoy more.

daisybv2 said...

Awesome I am glad you are back! I missed you! As for the dog I think you should wait I got a dog when I was pregnant with my second child and even though he is 3 now and house trained and what not it is still a lot of work.

Plus 2 kids ya know!