Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One Day I'll Laugh About This

I was making Jenner's Braciola for dinner, when Alice came in the kitchen. She was bent down grabbing herself, announcing "pees". Before I could do anything, she turns around and I notice my worst nightmare! She didn't mean pee, folks!

I got her in the bathroom and set her on the potty. Then I set off in search of her pull-up. I found it. Behind the tv?! I also found a lot of messes in various rooms.

After getting her cleaned up, a new pull-up, and a movie going, I started to clean up these messes. A few minutes later, she comes up to me with no pull-up on (again!). So we sat back on the potty and put on a diaper this time. I know she will probably just take the diaper off too, but at least she doesn't have to "step out" of it.

I'm excited that she is starting to initiate potty training. I'm not thrilled with the prospect of a poop covered house everyday!

I know I'll laugh about this later, but right now I need to go figure out what is smashed raisins (from her snack) and what isn't! FYI, they look the same. Man, I'm going to need a drink tonight!


The Tompkins Family said...


HereWeGoAJen said...

Oh dear.

Jenner said...

I'm so proud that you were making my dish when this happened... is that weird?!? The peapod did this to me once as well. She is a pro at removing her diaper and announced to me, "Potty" as she proceded to leave a trail of turds into the bathroom. *sigh* I think that's a good sign, though, that Alice is ready to potty-train!!

April said...

THIS is why I halted the potty training. LOL I'm scared!! Plus I figured I'd wait till I have off a long weekend or week. I've got the long weekend coming up but now Hunter seems to not want to sit on the potty. :-( I sit him on it and he immediately says "Dooooowwwwnnnn!" over and over!

Stacey said...

We were going to get new carpet in April, but I realized Huddy will destroy the carpet anyway, we might as well wait until he is out of toddlerhood.