Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We're Home

We are home! I'd like to introduce our son...Harold Jack Parsons! I'm not sure what I'm going to call him yet. I've been calling him Harold Jack, but may call him Jack, H. Jack, or Harry. Sean is planning on calling him HJ.

Wide-eyed and alert!

He is so sweet and perfect! We got home late this afternoon. Alice is so very curious about him.

He hardly cries. He seems really laid-back and easy going. I'm hoping this is how he really is, and it isn't a fluke. I also thinks he looks like me!

I have so much more to say about him, but I'm not feeling well. I need to call the after hours number because I have been having headaches, chest pain/tightness, and some blurry spots in my vision. These are things they told me to watch out for, as my blood pressure was a bit high and I have been swelling. I just am afraid they may have me go back to the hospital. Which is the last thing I want to do!

I thought I published this several hours ago, but apparently I did not. I fell asleep, but I feel a bit better.


The Tompkins Family said...

Welcome Harry!

Carrie27 said...

They might need to put you on some meds to bring down the bp, and hopefully you could do that from home.

Love the name!

HereWeGoAJen said...

Awesome name! He is adorable and really looks so much like Alice.

Mrs. Z said...

We had that doggie outfit too! So cute!

Ashley said...

Congratulations! What a sweet boy! I think Harry and Jack are absolutely adorable names. So many options! Hope you're feeling better.