Thursday, March 3, 2011

38 Week Appt and Sick Update

I had my 38 week appointment today. I lost a little over 9 pounds from last week. I'll blame that on the illness. It is probably all water weight anyway. I couldn't leave a urine sample because I hadn't urinated in about 36 hours. She gave me phenergan for nausea, and said to drink lots of fluids. If I hadn't urinated by 5 this evening, then she wanted me to go get an iv. No worries. I'm finally peeing!

The little man has dropped according to everyone. I don't see it, but I'll take a picture this weekend. I'm 1 cm dilated, cervix long and hard. Apparently I have a magical cervix. She has me at 38 1/2 weeks, so she said if I make it to next weeks appointment, then we'll start talking. Guess I'll have to remind her I think my due date is six days later.

I quit vomiting around midnight, but still had bad diarrhea. My fever broke around 1. I'm feeling better, but not quite recovered. We had a rough night with Alice. She kept waking up every two hours, and would fling herself around, banging her head and slamming it into stuff. She has several big goose eggs on her forehead. I think she was having intestinal pain, but she wouldn't let me touch her. She is much better today. Sean is finally feeling better. Which I'm glad about because I was about to strangle him.

He and I got into an argument last night because I was frustrated with him not taking care of Alice. Then he threw the whole "I'm not feeling well" bit in my face (Yeah, I know! Me too! But you aren't vomiting!). And started making comments about my "bloggy" friends and how I know everything about parenting (I don't-do any of us?), when Alice went through her screaming bloody murder thing. But I was just irritated with his baby attitude. Everything is fine now. It just can get a little tense when everyone is not feeling well and tired.


Carrie27 said...

Because men are the biggest babies in the house when they are sick, no doubt about it.

Not only were you horribly sick, but you also have the pregnancy weighing you down.

The Tompkins Family said...

Sickness and sleep deprivation makes even the best relationships have "off" patches.

Glad everyone seems to be on the mend.

Danifred said...

We definitely had some stress around here during our month long funk. It was just stressful for everyone. I seriously hope you guys are starting to come out of the sick!