Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

•Does anyone want an 18 month old? I'm thinking about selling her, but haven't made my mind up completely. She loves to pitch fits, throw herself into walls or the floor, scream, not listen, and refuse anything and everything. She does give good hugs and kisses, can be wildly entertaining, and has a sweet disposition when happy as can be!

•Okay, so I'm not selling her. I wouldn't mind having a break from her for a few hours. Same with Sean. I won't sell him, but I'd like him out of my hair for awhile.

•I'm tired of people asking me: "how are you feeling" and "when is he coming?" I'm tired, grumpy, huge, and getting over a stomach bug. How do you think I feel? And how am I supposed to know when he will come? When it is time, he will come!

•If this past week was supposed to be a relaxing break for me, then I'd hate to see what a busy, chaotic week is like. It was my turn to be waited on hand and foot. Instead, I was doing all the waiting and nursing everyone back to health.

•I have a feeling this baby is going to be late. I'm thinking March 23-26. I only say that because I have really no progress going on. I know that could change quickly, so who knows.

•Gretchen has been missing since Monday night/Tuesday morning. I put them outside/the breezeway two weeks ago, and everyone was much happier! Every night I get them in and lock them inside until morning. Monday night I got them in. At least I swear both cats were in! I did go outside around 2 am because I was burning up, so it is possible she got out then. She is usually stuck to my side, so you'd think I would have noticed. But anyway, I don't think she is coming back. I'm pretty sure something got her, otherwise she would be here. It is just weird. Out of both cats, she is the one that never left the property! Maybe she'll show up...but I'm not holding my breath.

•Alice got a mid-day bath today. I hadn't drained the tub right away, and when we went back in the bathroom so I could potty, she kept reaching in and playing with the water. Then she fell in face first! It was funny. I wish I had gotten a picture!

•I guess I should finish everything up for the baby and install the car seat. I didn't realize until yesterday how little time we have. My ob has me at 1 1/2 weeks left, and wants to talk induction after next week!

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The Tompkins Family said...

Fingers crossed about Gretchen!

HereWeGoAJen said...

Well, I believe March 23 is my day in the baby pool, so let's go for that.

I hated, HATED people asking me how I was feeling all the time.

Lindsay said...

$18 for the 18-month-old. I'll take her.

As for Gretchen... :o( Poor kitty. :o( I hope she just went on an existential pilgrimage.

Danifred said...

Sorry about the cat. I hope she comes back, poor Gretchen.

I think my day in the baby pool has come and gone, so I'll vote for Jen's day instead!

Carrie27 said...

Maybe that will teach Alice not to have a fit? J/K J/K

I have noticed that when my kids hit the half age they go through a temper tantrum phase.

Mrs. Z said...

Oh, I hope Gretchen finds her way back! We are just starting to get to the tantrum phase, and oh my...