Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A House of Misfits!

I took the Kitties to get fixes today. The most agonizing day ever does not even begin to describe the adventure!

We has to be there between 7-8 am to check on. I woke up at 5:30 because I could no longer sleep. I have had the worst reflux all night/day. I think I have eaten a bottle of tums!

I has Sean help me put the cats in separate diaper boxes. Don't judge! We don't have cat carriers, and I wasn't going to buy two just for one trip (though I think I will change my mind). So we get Gretchen in her box, and Sean puts a bit of packing tape on the top to hold her in. Mortimer was a bit of a fight, but we got him in and used a bit more tape. I loaded them up, along with Alice, and headed out.

As soon as we got out of the driveway, Gretchen got out of her box. No big deal. She went and laid down in the back. A few minutes later, Mortimer got out. He went in the back seat as well, so I figured all was well.

WRONG! He proceeded to climb all over. I kept putting him in the back. And then he got me...jumped right on my head! While driving! And not once, but twice!

So I drop Alice off at my friend's for an hour or so, and head to the clinic. I fought them both back in to their boxes. I started carrying them inside, when I was clawed and bit! Mortimer was attacking my hand and fingers. My right hand was insanely bloody by the time we got inside (a minute walk)!

I check them in, and take them back. Got them weighed, set up for vaccines, etc. and got out of there. Picked up Alice. Came home. Got her to nap, and had my appeal for unemployment (a post of its own). Ate lunch, headed to my Pt Appt, and then headed back to get the kitties.

I had them put in those cardboard cat carriers, and we headed home. You know the cat in the box in "National Lampoon's Christmas"? Yeah...that was Mortimer! The whole hour and a half home!

I got the cats in, brought in their food, water, and litter box. I put all of that in the bathroom. Then I put up the baby gate so Alice couldn't get to their litter, food, or water.

Alice has been screaming "Dere! Keedy! Dere!" since we have gotten home. Then she proceeded to show Mortimer the Christmas tree and ornaments. And then he started jumping, climbing, hitting, and chewing on the tree and ornaments. I kept telling him no, which Alice started pointing at him and yelling "NO!". So I got a spray bottle and sprayed him when he bit on the lights or hitting the ornaments. Of course, he already shattered an ornament.

And Gretchen? She is laying on the tree skirt, minding her own business. Oh, how I love her!!!

Mortimer caught in the act!

Gretchen minding her own business!


HereWeGoAJen said...

Hahaha. Poor you. But it did make for a hilarious story.

Lindsay said...

They are sooooooo cute! Want them both!