Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Birthday To The Bestest Sister In My World!

I realize that there is improper grammar in the title, but that I how I feel. I also realize many of you may have sisters who, you feel, are the best in the world. So I just said my world, but she may quite possibly be the best or one of the best!

So Happy Birthday, Lindsay! Today is your "princess" birthday! I hope you do something fun and exciting today. And if not, at least something that you really want to do :) I wish that your elf and I could be there with you, but we are there in spirit!

And now I feel like a horrible sister because I told a lie. I told my sister, when I took this picture, that it would never be published. We were cuddled in bed our last night in Boston, and I realized that I did not have a single picture with her or me. So I took this. And since I look absolutely awful (I was getting ready to shower) with my greasy hair and double chin! I happen to think Lindsay looks lovely, per usual. So if anyone should feel upset or betrayed by this picture it should be me .


HereWeGoAJen said...

I think you all look cute.

Happy birthday, Lindsay!

Danifred said...

Happy, happy birthday Lindsay!!!!!

Lindsay said...

Sneaky sneak of a sister! :o) Thank you--again. :o) I love you so very much. 26 days!