Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

I have yet to figure out how (or if I am able) to do bullet points in this app.

• I may have figured the bullets out.
• Alice and I went to visit the babysitter, her daughter, and new baby. We had a good time. Alice went outside with her daughter (who is almost 12) and I got to cuddle and smell the baby. I miss that baby smell! While I was talking to Jennifer, she was explaining how frustrating life was with her daughter. I listened. Threw out a few "hormone", "puberty", "new baby", "adjustment" things. Then she goes on to say that (I kid you not) "she hates her right now". What? How can you hate your child?
•There have been moments where I have been really tested and tried, while parenting. I know there will be plenty more too. But I hope and pray that I never feel hatred toward any of my children. Frustration, of course, but never hate. And to think that this lady took care of my child!
• Alice has two molars and another tooth coming in. She has had horrible diarrhea for the past 36 hours...and a horrible, raw, rashy bottom. She has hardly eaten anything today, though she seems to be getting a bit of an appetite.
• I talked to a nurse about all of that stuff, and she said the diarrhea was viral and could last up to two weeks. Great! I would hate to have to delay/cancel our trip to Boston to visit my sister. If Alice still has diarrhea then, I won't be going (or at least that day). There is no way we could stop every hour to change a dirty diaper and everything else!
• Alice and I are planning on leaving Tuesday, will stay the night in Buffalo, NY (most likely) and continue on to Boston on Wednesday. The plan is to stay a week, and then come back home.
• I had more to write, but I'm tired. Alice is fussing, an no one slept much last night. So I'll call it a night!

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Hmm, some people report diarrhea when teething. I know you aren't SUPPOSED to get the physical symptoms with teething according to the doctors, but maybe that's it? I hope you don't have to cancel the trip!

Danifred said...

We get diarrhea when teething over here too. Ugh!

And, I have no idea how anyone can say they hate their child, even in the most frustrating of moments!