Monday, April 26, 2010

She Does Exist!

*Other possible title: At least one of us has a face!

So I'm at work, waiting on work to come in. I'm going through my computer, and I come across pictures of mini-me (aka Alice). Most of these are old (as in 3 or 4 months old...which is pretty old when talking about an 8 month old!). I am waiting on a few videos to come through in my email and then I may also post a few videos.

And yes, it is the same baby in all of the pictures. She is a camo-baby! Sometimes she looks like me, sometimes she looks like Sean, and other times she looks like a mixture of both of us! Yes, my baby is a clever multi-tasker already *wink*

Without further ado...the cuteness that is my baby!

Taking after her Daddy... working on her "lion".

Last Monday we were on a stroll in the yard to feed the animals. Right after this picture was taken, the hat came off!

Here we have the picture I took around Christmas time.

I wish I had skin like this! (I think this is the oldest picture)

Laughing at mommy doing some household chore!

Obviously, black is not slimming! Propped up pretty in her Christmas dress!

Walks are fun!

Yeah, that's right... I'm sitting all by myself. Well, almost.


HereWeGoAJen said...

She is a cute baby!

You shouldn't allow Lindsay to do better at the pictures of Alice than you do. You'll have to keep ahead! ;)

Jessica said...

Oh look at how cute she is with the little bow taped to her head!!! I had a little bow taped to my head when I was little, too!!

... mm, I love apple bread.