Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Letters To Alice

For posterity purposes (and because I'm about as organized as a junk drawer) I intend to write letters to Alice, so that she may look back at all of the milestones, joy, tales and lessons she has brought to our lives. I was intending to start these letters on my old blog, but I kept putting it off (but still memorizing the milestone dates)...perhaps because I knew I was "finished" with my old blog.

Dear Alice,

One year ago today, we found out that you were a little girl. I wasn't supposed to find out for another 2 or so weeks, but I was impatient and called a different ultrasound place. They scheduled me for March 17, 2009...St. Patrick's Day. Your "Gamma" (that is my mom-you can call her whatever you like, but for the time being we will refer to her as Gamma) met me there.

You were absolutely beautiful! Sucking your thumb and moving around. Then they told me you were a little girl! I was over the moon! I had been thinking all along that you were a little boy, but I think subconciously I knew you were a girl. Plus I only had boy names picked out, so of course you would present our first of many challenges. I called your father and told him. He couldn't be there that day, as he was working (like he ALWAYS is). Hopefully he won't have to work this much, or as hard as he does, for much longer...but that is another story.

So we find out you were a girl, and I immediately decide to give you an Irish name. After all, it would only be fitting. Your father and I are both part Irish, and to find out we were having a girl on St. Patrick's Day. So the name game commenced. Scarlett and Riley were the fore-runners. Of course, you are probably how you ended up being named Alice. That is a story that will be covered when I write to you about your birth.

So that evening, I went to the store and bought you a few outfits. I came home and made corned beef and cabbage and showed your daddy the ultrasound pictures. It was such a wonderful day! And to this day, and forever more, St. Patrick's Day has a whole new meaning to me. It was the day I found out I was having the most perfect little girl.

I love you, Alice!


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Lindsay said...

You forgot to mention how she's totally named after me! ;) I love my little Alice Elf. She really is a perfect little girl. We all got super lucky. Thanks be to God.