Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

I never have quite understood why they say "luck of the Irish" because, in my opinion at least, the Irish are not a very lucky group of people. Though if you think about it from a different stand point, then I suppose they are. They didn't all die out during the potato famine, or get killed off from the Vikings... so I suppose they are lucky in a way.

Which brings about another point. I am part Irish; for sanity-saving reasons on my part, I will not be figuring out what percent exactly. We'll just say 1/4 or 1/8. I also seem to have the "luck of the Irish", as I am not a very lucky person. Ahh, but I am at the same time ;)

Today is Sean's "birthday". Apparently, he is going to change his birthday information on Facebook for every holiday. He didn't have to work this morning, and he asked me what I was going to make him for his "birthday" breakfast. I told him I would give him a cup of coffee and an apple muffin (which I baked the other day). I have things to do people! I typically make him breakfast on the weekends, and usually I make some kind of bread or muffins, for quick grab breakfasts during the week.

I am a busy, working mother. I drive about 150 miles a day; which puts Alice and I in the car for about 3 hours (well she is in the car for about 2). Wednesday is bottle/pump washing day. Then there are the animals (5 hens, 1 rooster, 3 rabbits, 2 cats). Then I have to pack up diaper bags, get everyone cleaned up and dressed, pack my lunch/dinner, somewhere in between all of that I find time to play with Alice, and then pack up the car. Do you know that I have to make 3 trips out to the car before we can leave everyday? I have my bag (which has my lunch, water, snacks, books/magazines, etc.), my pump, the diaper bag, this bag/mat (it folds up to a bag but unfolds to a playmat) with toys in it, then there is Alice and me. I am a pack mule.

Random story: the other day I was thinking about how I needed to take Alice's mobile down, as she has been standing/pulling up for awhile. I thought it was odd that she hadn't tried to play with it or hang on it, so I made a mental note to take it down the next time she wasn't sleeping. Well that next morning, I heard a loud noise and went running in there. There she was, mobile in hand with only half of the bears! She apparently decided she needed more stuffed animals in her crib and grabbed two off...which snapped the mobile in half. That is the last time that I ever think again!

Til next time! Oh and if you have any suggestions for my blog, please let me know. I love feedback and comments. And I promise I will put up some pictures, more info, and get this blog looking snazzy!

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